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TRX Migration

If investors have missed the migration announcement and therefore missed the migration period, they can exchange TRON MainNet tokens at exchanges that permanently support TRX migration. Exchanges that permanently support TRX migration

Our Security

Enable transfer of forensic data to bank's secured lab network & preserve isolation. Preserve "disconnected" secure architecture of critical networks.

Our Process

A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks by people or equipment.

About us

TRON has established dual headquarters in the Americas and Asia Pacific,with the establishment of more overseas offices in preparation and our team in rapid expansion. We offer employees opportunities to go on international business trips and to work on overseas posts. With TRON, you’ll be exposed to the most cutting-edge blockchain technology.
TRON is now recruiting globally for members with a passion for blockchain technology. If you want to make history, come join us!

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  • Delivery On Time
  • Expert Engineers
  • Creative Architecture
  • Industrial Construction
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